Traineeship Delivery and Assessment Strategy

IDT supports newly employed and other Australian Airport staff towards attainment of industry qualifications utilising a flexible variety of training delivery and assessment methods.
Depending on the airport location, training records and other evidence available, the methods used in our delivery and assessment may include any combination of the following:

  • Airport Classroom Delivery
  • Online Delivery and Assessment
  • Video recording of practical tasks
  • Observation in the workplace
  • Performance reviews and reports
  • Recognition of other relevant training
  • Supervisor and other 3rd party reports
  • Portfolio of your work history and workplace documentation
  • Role play/simulation questions
  • Position descriptions
  • RPL and Direct Credit Transfer wherever appropriate
  • Other assessment methods to help recognise your skills, knowledge and experience in a fair, flexible and reliable manner

Our online resources and assessments allow the trainees to re-enforce and refresh their underpinning knowledge and to be assessed at their own pace, often during shift downtime in the workplace.

The process we use is secure, flexible and provides opportunity for communication between trainees and assessors as trainees and other students progress through training.

If you have any assessment related questions or enquiries – please email: